Choosing impotence medications

Sex plays important role in our lives and affects all spheres of life. It lets us feel escalated and improve our achievements. Men without sex feel miserable, frustration is accumulated and there is no relaxation provided to us by nature. But we should care about health too in order to have this excellent opportunity of intimacy. It is necessary to treat erectile dysfunction when it manifests itself. But what medication should be chosen?

Men feel confused over widely advertised drugs for erectile dysfunction. Are they really as good as they claim to be? Two close competitors on the market are Viagra and Cialis. These two medications were the first ones that were approved by Federal Drug Administration. Then Levitra joined them. With such abundance of medicines customers feel at a loss.

You should understand that all these medication work in the same way. The basic scheme is the same. There are just slight differences between them when you start looking at different factors more closely.

It is important for many men to see how durable the medication is. If Viagra works for about 4 hours and Levitra a little bit longer than that, Cialis beats all records working for 36 hours.

If we compare the molecular structure of Cialis and then look at the ones of sildenafil and vardenafil, we will see that it differs while the molecular structures of sildenafil and vardenafil look similarly. Cialis features the slowest absorption if we make the comparison with all PDE5 inhibitors that are available currently. Maximum concentration can be achieved within a couple of hours. Compare it with sildenafil and vardenafil that reach maximum concentration within 50 minutes.

Cialis starts working in 15 minutes, but not for all patients. There are a lot of men who obtain successful erection much later so men should take that into consideration.

In gastrointestinal ingestion Viagra and Levitra also differ from Cialis. Viagra and Levitra have reduced absorption when they were taken with fatty food. The risk of failure increases at this. But absorption of Cialis was not affected when taken with fatty meal and even when it was taken with alcohol drink. This extraordinary pharmacokinetic feature is very useful. It explains in the same way the slower absorption and more durable action. This provides bigger freedom for customers who try to arrange romantic dinner with candles, wine and intimacy.